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🔥 Good Plan: the Amazon Fire TV Stick (Basic Edition) goes to 39.99 euros


With its built-in OS and included remote control, the Fire TV Stick is a serious alternative to Google’s Chromecast. It is now available at 39.99 euros on Amazon against 59.99 euros usually.


Promotions for the Fire TV Stick (Basic Edition) are often reserved for Premium members. Today, everyone can get it to 39.99 euros on Amazon .

Although the Fire TV Stick and Chromecast meet the same needs, they are still very different in their respective use. Google’s solution necessarily requires a device to broadcast the content (smartphone, tablet, etc.), while that of Amazon is sufficient itself.

Indeed, the Fire TV Stick has Fire OS (Amazon’s home operating system) that integrates all Amazon’s services such as Prime Video or still Amazon Music . It also gives access to a rich catalog of applications available through the Amazon App Store: there are games, but also well known applications like Netflix. With the supplied remote control, you can then navigate easily without the need for another device, only your Internet connection is sufficient.

Compatible with the Amazon ecosystem, it is also possible to control the Fire TV Stick by voice with an enclosure of the Echo range, or any other speaker compatible with the assistant Alexa .

Why is this product recommended?

  • A serious alternative to the Google Chromecast
  • The remote control provided with
  • Amazon services, but also the many applications available

The Amazon Fire Stick TV (Basic Edition) is now available 39.99 euros against 59.99 euros usually. 19659011] Find the Amazon Fire TV Stick at 39.99 euros

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