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Firefox Focus will test a browser-based ad blocker


The Mozilla Foundation is currently working on adding an ad blocker on its browser focused on privacy and confidentiality, Firefox Focus . An A / B Testing should begin with version 9.0 of the application.

In 2017, Mozilla declined its famous Internet browser (Firefox) in a more respectful version of privacy: Firefox Focus . The application is light and fast to use thanks to the removal of trackers and the lack of many options that sometimes come unnecessarily burden our browsers. Today, some have noticed that the foundation wants to go even further and is about to test the addition of a blocker of advertisements.

In A / B testing on version 9.0

On the bug tracker of the app, some have discovered a mention to the presence of this aad-blocker in Firefox Focus 9.0, a version still under development and scheduled for Feb. 12. It is stated that this is A / B Testing and that only 50% of the users will have access to this feature at first in order to check how this affects the use of the application and the loading time pages. The feature will be automatically enabled for these testers to see how many of them will disable it through the application settings.

This test period will take 3 weeks after the arrival of Firefox Focus 9.0. The future of this feature will surely depend on Mozilla’s results after that.

Firefox Focus

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As a reminder, Firefox Focus is part of our selection of the best internet browsers on Android (and iOS) . It does not keep any information and empty your history at each closing. Keep in mind, however, that while some people abuse intrusive ads, it is still an important part of free web financing.

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