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Samsung Galaxy S10: a GPU boost to improve in-game performance in preparation


Last year, Honor then Huawei integrated Turbo GPU to maximize the in-game performance of their smartphones. Samsung is working on a similar artificial intelligence-based feature


In-game performance is becoming increasingly important for smartphones. And for good reason: in addition to the number of players who keep on increasing, titles like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite also take more and more seriously the platform.

Faced with this, Huawei and Honor had decided to launch the Turbo GPU a tweak software to maximize the 3D performance of their smartphone when a game is launched. Obviously, Samsung would be inspired by its next generation of smartphones.

Neuro Game Booster, future GPU boost Samsung?

As spotted by GSM Arena the Korean company has recorded the brand “Neuro Game Booster” in Europe. The filing states that this is a software technology for mobile, to play video games, and partly based on artificial intelligence.

[19659003] The Exynos 9820 incorporating an NPU it seems more than likely that Samsung Galaxy S10 are the first to take advantage of such technology if it is well brought to appear.

As a reminder, the principle of “boost GPU” in this way is simply to optimize the system automatically at the launch of a game. Whether it is to empty the RAM or retouch the governor ] of the GPU to offer more power, the Neuro Game Booster should provide a greater fluidity of mobile games.

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