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Smart Old: or how to have class with an urban electric bike


At the origin of two first electric motorcycles, the start-up Californian Fly Free will add a third model to its catalog of products: the Smart Old, a two-wheeled looking seductive reserved for


If the year 2018 saw the birth of many electric motorcycles – from LiveWire Harley-Davidson to the RMK E2 straight from the future passing by the LS-218 and its record top speed -, 2019 should also be spoiled in novelties. As the year begins visibly on the run with the upcoming arrival of a two-wheeler imagined by the American Fly Free.

Founded in May 2016, the firm from across the Atlantic has made motorcycles electric its real spearhead. So much so that in the space of just three years, two models have already emerged: the Smart Classic and Smart Desert. To this short promising list is added a third product, the Smart Old as we learn from the specialized site Electrek always on the lookout for the latest news in the sector.

A look like Cafe Racer

The design of the Smart Old is not revolutionary. On the contrary. His look is similar to the Cafe Racer already crossed in our streets, with the difference that an electric motor takes care of propelling the machine. Visually, the Smart Old remains seductive by its vintage style. By its more than modest technical characteristics, its use will be confined to the city.

The third motorcycle of Fly Free embeds indeed a motor of 3 kW, him conferring a maximum speed of 80 km / h. Do not try to drive on the fast lanes at the controls of this racing car. But prefer urban routes and roads limited to 80 km / h. To accompany it, three modes of driving have been integrated by the engineers: eco, city or race.

Limited autonomy

The LG battery limits the autonomy of the bike to 80 kilometers or 160 kilometers by adding an extra battery, all in Eco mode. In other words, the sustainability of the Smart Old was tending to decrease in city and race mode. At the front, a round screen shows the speed, the remaining battery, the distance traveled and the temperature of the two-wheelers, while a connected iOS and Android application will provide you with all of its information.

A start button located between the guide and the driver will allow the user to take control of his baby quickly and easily. And if he wants to customize a little more, Fly Free offers a series of accessories (double brown bag, double steel box and single black bag) to attach to the rear side of the bike. The latter is also available in four colors: white, black, blue and silver.

A month of March placed under the line of the discount

The month of March should mark the opening of pre-orders, before scheduled deliveries in the course of October. Rest assured: the European market has not been abandoned by the US group. The Smart Old will cost the tidy sum of 7199 dollars. A price to be tempered, since a discount of 35 to 40% valid in March 2019 will decrease its price around 4500 dollars.


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