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The boss of Orange welcomes the taxation project of Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple


Invited this morning to our confreres of Europe 1, Stéphane Richard CEO of Orange, was particularly favorable to a taxation more important of the biggest American actors of the Web


For some time, it is question of increasing in France the imposition of the GAFA informal group consisting of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, American companies that have in common to work in the digital world, to carry out an important activity in France, but to be taxed only at a very low tax rate in France.

A situation “not acceptable” to believe Stéphane Richard. The CEO of Orange was questioned this Wednesday in the morning of Europe 1 . He was able to take the opportunity to speak on GAFA taxation, a government project to be presented next month that should “bring in about 500 million euros” and touch “all companies that offer digital services representing a turnover exceeding 750 million euros worldwide and 25 million euros in France “ to believe the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire .

“I support 200% these projects, because it is not quite normal and not acceptable that in this digital economy, the operators we are paying more than 80% of taxes and GAFA which are huge companies and derive considerable wealth from it all pay less than 3% “said Stephane Richard, deploring ” an unbearable inequality “ ].

Concrete This tax aims to compensate for the tax optimization methods of these large companies which declare a large part of their turnover in European states with a more welcoming tax system such as Ireland, the Netherlands Netherlands or Luxembourg. If the tax project were validated, the companies would then be taxed on their volume of turnover achieved in France.

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