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Xiaomi unveils its concept of doubly collapsible smartphone in video


The co-founder of Xiaomi posted a video illustrating the future collapsible smartphone of the brand being used. This one has the particularity to be folded twice. The builder looks for a name for his prototype and asks for suggestions from his community


This is one of the trends we’ve heard a lot about lately: foldable smartphones. Since the official presentation of Royole Flexpai but also and especially the prototype Samsung Infinity Flex Display we hear various rumors and information about the projects of several manufacturers around this kind of products.

Thus, recently, the leaker OnLeaks published a video of an intriguing collapsible smartphone whose two sides of the screen were foldable (the device could thus take three forms). OnLeaks said at that time that this product appeared to be a prototype of Xiaomi, but it was not certain.

Official video of the concept of foldable smartphone

Doubt will not have lasted very long since now it’s down to Lin Bin, the co-founder of Xiaomi who posts a video on his Weibo account showing exactly the same foldable smartphone being used to watch content and browse social networks as you can see it in the tweet below.

This is only the formalization of a collapsible smartphone concept, but it shows us that Xiaomi board well on a foldable smartphone that can adopt three formats: tablet, small tablet , compact smartphone. Alas, this video still does not show the thickness of the camera once both ends of the screen folded.

Xiaomi Mi Flex Mix, Xiaomi Mi Dual Flex?

In his message accompanying the video on Weibo Lin Bin specifies that the name of this future product is not yet defined. The businessman calls on the fan community to baptize the smartphone and suggests “Mi Mix Flex” or “Mi Dual Flex.”

It also states that the smartphone runs under a suitable version of MIUI. It remains to be seen when the product will be released.

YouTube Link

Lin Bin – Weibo

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